Altes Theater Leipzig

The Alte Theater on the former Theaterplatz, now Richard-Wagner-Platz, was the first theatre building in Leipzig. It was built in 1766. Back then it was the Neue Theater, also called Comödienhaus. In 1871… Continue reading

Scheintod und Herzstich

Bekannt war mir die Angst vor dem “lebendig begraben zu werden”. Bekannt waren mir Vorrichtungen, die gebaut wurden, um genau das zu vermeiden. Fäden, die an den Fingern des Toten (oder eben vielleicht… Continue reading

Man lernt nie aus, carouse carouse

The other day a UK friend of mine posted the result of a language quiz he had taken on his FB page. This one : Language Quiz He had 8 correct and of… Continue reading

The South Bank/Brewery/Absolute Beginners ~ Lion

I first saw this lion in Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners” video. And when I came to London for the very first time and we arrived at Westminster Bridge everyone hopped off the bus going… Continue reading

Spinach/Feta Strudel

My Sunday dinner. Very easy and quick recipe and a really delicious meal. Ingredients: One sheet puff pastry 450 gr frozen chopped spinach 100 gr Creme fraiche 100 gr Feta cheese one beaten… Continue reading

The Soyer/Simonau Monument, part 2

Now unto the actual monument itself. According to Ruth Cowen’s book “Relish” about Alexis Soyer, he had bought a plot at Kensal Green for £ 73. And Alexis started to sketch his ideas… Continue reading

The Soyer/Simonau Monument, part 1

This monument is a puzzling one and it has sent me deep into the internet to find clues and answers but this research has brought up more questions and confusion. I struggle with:… Continue reading

To Her

Sadly I am in a hurry at the moment and cannot write a full blog entry. But I have seen on Twitter and Facebook that today marks the day on which, in 1858, Alexis… Continue reading

Two Gibsons & the Molyneuxs

This wonderful monument stands on the grave of Mary Eleanor Gibson (1854-72). Not much is known about Mary Eleanor Gibson. She passed away at the tender age of 18 years at the Great… Continue reading

The majestic Ducrow Mausoleum

Once we had stepped down the stairs of the Anglican Chapel we found ourselves surrounded by impressive tombs and mausolea. Now we were in the most prestigious area, the Centre Avenue, the spot… Continue reading